a message regarding the COVID-19 pandemic!

11.10.2020 – Due to COVID-19 pandemic, safety is our priority topic in difficult times like this, however we see it as important that Companies continue to work.

  • to secure the income of employees .
  • to be able to serve our customers.
  • to secure income and be able pay bills.
  • hopefull it keep the economic stable.

We delivery to different Business fields, for example in to the manufacturing Industry, in to the Healthcare
sector in Hospitals and in to Manufacturing of Medical technology for example medical instruments.

Therefore, we remain open however for your and our safety, our Team is taking extra precautions, but we continue to serve YOU, as good as possible!

  1. Social distancing at all time.
  2. Do not share personal belongings.
  3. Washing our hands and disinfected our hands regularly.
  4. Protect our self by wearing facemask.
  5. Eating healthy food.
  6. Exersice reguallary.
  7. if necessary & suitable working from homeoffice.
We are sorry for any inconveniences, for minor delays and thank you for your continues interest in our Service & Products.
Stay SAFE.
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