Wire Drawing

Wire Drawing The STA centrifugal separator, connected to 3 wire drawing machines Nexans, a worldwide leader in cable production, runs a production site in Dour, Belgium, which manufactures medium and low-voltage cables as well as aerial cables. Its metallurgical department for copper and aluminium uses 3 NIEHOFF wire drawing lines, swaging wire ropes from +/- […]

Phosphating Process

Phosphating Process At Radson b.v., Zonhoven (Belgium), radiators are de-greased and phosphatised in an Eisenmann conveyor spray booth station before immersion painting. The conveyor line includes two active zones, each with a storage volume of 13,500 l, and completes a full rotation 18 times per hour. Approx. 6,000 m²/h surface are processed every day. The […]

Oil Cleaning

Oil Cleaning Problem CVT Capellmann in Gosheim specializes in gearing production. It has a large chip removal machine and uses a low viscosity oil as the cooling lubricant for its CNC processing centers. A new installation was intended to address the problem of high oil consumption: CVT was having to replace about 1,000 l of […]

Paint Sludge from Paint Shop (India)

Paint Sludge from Paint Shop As one of the leading and most innovative manufacturers of high-quality automobile components and operating systems for the consumer equipment industry, operates with 5 automatic wet paint shops with altogether 10 paint shops for the coating of plastic parts at his locations. Solvent and hydro paints are consumed. Before they […]

Dicing Process (Thailand)

Dicing Process (Thailand) Condition: a hard disk manufacturer in Thailand, had to change the coolant of his dicing machines regularly, which means high consumption of process liquids and down times no production during the process liquid will be changed (lower yield).. STA-System: a STA-S15 Centrifuge separator in stainless steel version been used for testing period […]

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