Waterjet blasting of aluminum (Vietnam)


Cleaning of up to 15 m³/h of waste water from blasting lines contaminated with cast aluminium micro-particles down to 3 µm Contamination level between 70 and 300 mg/l Risk of Hydrogen emission to be considered (avoid forming of explosive concentrations, deal with aluminium sludge boiling)


STA System:
Central water treatment systems with 2 automatic centrifugal separators A-25 each at a dirt tank, at a fine cleaning tank and a clean tank with circulation and supply pumps


Reduction of solid contamination down to < 6 mg/l Recycling of rinsing and cooling water (re-use in process) Online Monitoring of contamination, temperature, pH and conductivity Automatic discharge of dry sludge (residual water content <30%) Noise level < 70 dB
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