Dicing Process (Thailand)


a hard disk manufacturer in Thailand, had to change the coolant of his dicing machines regularly, which means high consumption of process liquids and down times no production during the process liquid will be changed (lower yield)..


a STA-S15 Centrifuge separator in stainless steel version been used for testing period for 1 dicing machine at the beginning, later 3 more dicing machines been connected to the same Centrifuge separator. The separator has been equipped with a membrane diaphragm pump which pumps the coolant from a buffer tank into the centrifuge separator for the separation process, the separator discharge estimates 10-20 l/min cleaned liquid back into this buffer tank, from where it will be distributed to back to the dicing machines.

The centrifuge separator continuously be operated and the life time of the process liquid can be increase to estimate 2 weeks, besides this it as well increases the machine availability as the process liquid not need to be change so often.

Over the past years 8-9 Separators have been delivered and installed successfully.

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