Cleaning Oil from honing


Cleaning of honing oil with a tow stage cleaning system, without filters. A magnetic roll separator plus and a STA U-15 Centrifuge Separator has been used for separating particles > 2µm.

the Cleaning system U-15 has been installed inside a Barrier system to minimize oil mist. The oil will be supplied to the manufacturing machines with a spindle pump and a pressure of estimate 60.0 bars. During idle times the flow of the separators will be reduced, this helps to improve the cleaning performance of the oils.

Outstanding fine particle separation contributes to a perfect surface finishing. Efficient and space saving top mounted chiller for precision cooling of the honing oil and the honing spindle. High pressure spindle pump is protected against wear-related fault-outs which helps increasing the production output (better yields). Space saving and sound absorbing design.
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